How to Download SnapTube for iPhone 5 | SnapTube Video Downloader App

How to Download SnapTube App on iPhone 5
There is numerous app for downloading videos form YouTube, but the SnapTube is at the top why? The answer lie within this article, so read the article thoroughly to get answer for all your questions. In addition, you would get to know how to download SnapTube for iPhone 5?

Salient Features of SnapTube Application for iPhone 5

  • There are numerous units in which videos are classifies created on the most views, the most liked, and a daily recommendations section as well.
  • SnapTube app for iPhone 5 does not display any type of advertisement which is actually good as it can be annoying.
  • In this, you would not need to go on different sites for downloading your needed video or audio file. Simply, type the title of an artist or part of a song in the provided search bar and SnapTube application would display you all the search results.
  • This app can save the audio files in several audio formats such as M4A and MP3.
  • There is a feature that provides you facility to save the audio of a video clip or file which is very advantageous.SnapTube application is acquiring a really stylish look, very easy to access which facilitates you to search and download the videos from almost each and every website with an ease.
  • In addition, you can download videos with 1080p (full HD) resolution on your mobile with the help of SnapTube application.
  • There are several resolutions and formats by which you can download the videos in whatever format you want to download the videos.
  • To search a video clip using SnapTube is very easy since there are many searching options. Moreover, there are many different subcategories to provide you convenience.

How to Download SnapTube on iPhone 5

There is nothing like downloading of SnapTube for iPhone 5, this app is not available on app store because of the terms of use of YouTube. But, you can go for alternatives of SnapTube app. There is numerous app which works the same as it does. In addition, you can download FvdTube app.

FvdTube Downloader Application

The FvdTube application is one among the best app for downloading the videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites. In addition, you can download videos within a few clicks. So, you don’t need to be any well-versed person with technology.

Steps to Download the FvdTube YouTube Downloader Application on Mobile

To download FvdTube, you would need to follow a few simplest which are as follows:

  • First and forth, you would need to go to And by reaching there, you have to search the link you want to download. And, get the apk file.
  • Afterward, you would need to click on the apk file of FvdTube app downloaded on your mobile.
  • Just in case you are not able to install the app, then you have to make a change in your settings. Go to your settings in here you have to choose device management and then click on unknown sources.
  • Then, confirm unknown sources. And, now let the app install on your mobile.
  • Lastly, your file installation completes and you would have notification of completion.

Get started with SnapTube

We just say you to try it once. Its free. And we bet you won't regret your decision.